M & M Designs
Environmentally safe Lead Free Sinkers

We at M & M Designs have also come up with a new fishing sinker to help Save the Environment but we need your help to get them on the market.

Fishing scent pack

Our Newest product will improve your fishing trip 10 fold.

Stink Bug Killing Unit

This Unit is a stand alone outdoor system that will attract the bugs and make sure they never trouble you again. It uses many ways to attract the bugs to the unit then kills them completely. but we need your help to get them on the market.
Pro Series RC Helicopter design
Yes back in high school in 1988, I designed a Pro Series RC Helicopter design, this is a custom designed RC, so we at M & M Designs also as an adult or gifted youngster toy, that can also have a camera installed for Police/Firefighters/Game wardens or anyone who wants to record their flight, much like a drone dose. However I have an idea to make this RC fly ultra quiet, so it can sneak up on wildlife for that perfect camera shot.