M & M Designs
              Apartment complex

M & M Designs also has designed a cool 42 apartment, 3 story apartment building design. each unit has 3 bedrooms. The complex includes wind power generators, as well as our custom designs Hydro Electric power system and Skylight system for make the complexes "GO GREEN". So the complex is self contained, so it uses less power from the other companies. which will lower the rental prices, and allow people make it in to days world.

YOU can help by BUYING our book or t-shirts and other products
       The Super Auto Repair Center

M & M Designs also has designed a auto repair shop, this design has all kinds of "GO GREEN" stuff designed into it as well .. it has everything to do simple oil changes, to complete from the frame up rebuild and pimp your ride to the max. a place where people can take classes, for do it your self auto repair or just let the pro's do it for you.

YOU can help by BUYING our book or t-shirts and other products
    Custom Designed Gold Dredging Boat

To Whom it may concern

M & M Designs now has a gold dredging boat Design, that i call the Super Dredge. plus this boat is a great Scientific research platform. We also have a smaller mini Dredge for those who do not want the big one. but i need help to get it on the market.
Camping tent warming system

We at M & M Designs, now have a camping tent warming system that will keep your tent nice and warm on cold early summer or on those late fall nights out camping. This system is simple to use. And Once it is in production we will offer a 4 tent system (family pack) or a single tent unit. Plus you do not have to get any special kind of tent for this system to work.

Honey Beehives Protection unit

We at M & M Designs have a system to protect your Honey Beehives from animals. this unit can protect up to 10 hives at a time. the unit will cost you around 8,000.00 each. But to protect an investment that can take up to 3 years to start paying you back. protecting the honey and the bees from animals like bears / badgers / skunks and many others is a must. so you see 8,000.00 is not a bad price.
We at M & M Designs have a way to turn the Centralia, Pennsylvania mine fire, from a disaster, into a major positive for the town and country. Down side is we need 2 billion to make this idea happen. This idea is so simple. not sure why no one has do it yet.

We at M & M Designs are happy to tell you, we now have 3 ship yard designs, that will bring 1000's of more jobs, but we cannot do anything without you.

we at M & M Designs also have our own Wind Power System design ... but we need your help to bring it to market.

We at M & M Designs now have a three new ship designs, these designs are for Scientific research / cruises & rescue recovery. These designs will also use little to no fuel to travel the worlds oceans. That is right these ships do not use fuel of any kind, to travel the world.

We at M & M Designs now have a great idea for all electric boat, that never needs charging. for the everyday person. but we need your help to make it happen, it will bring lots of new job's as well.

We at M & M Designs have also designed ways to reduce the Invading Species of Florida (USA), The Snakes, The lizards, The Fire Ants and ways to get rid of the Lion fish, and even take on the Asian carp. 

The Hideaway Beer and Alcohol brewing Still

We at M & M Designs have come up with new Custom made Portable Still idea. That will let you run a 50 gallon mash run at a time, 100% portable and completely stealthy. This system is not cheap, it is $9000.00 ... plus tax and delivery cost for each one completed, or $5000.00 down and the rest on delivery .. However this Still idea makes it's own power, which allows you to run the Still in places, where no one is expecting you to be running a Still. plus it will only take 5 runs for the still to pay for it's self. now since you can run this Still year round, the amount you could make is ?? Well, you do the math, because you know what your stuff is going for. However we need your help to bring it to market. If interested contact me using the contact form on page 2 of this site. Thank you. And remember you may have to get permits to brew Alcohol, so know the laws before you try. Or at lease know where the law is before you try.

The Ultimate Prospecting unit ... we just call it the Prospector

We at M & M Designs, now have the Ultimate Prospecting tool. This unit has 23 feet of sluice box that is 4 foot wide, it also has a 3 foot wide 8 foot long . 4" dredge, all on a wheeled platform that can be pulled behind any ATV. This unit will allow you to run yardage. So if the ground is worth 5 dollars a yard, with this unit you will be able to make money, while out having fun. This unit is designed for the weekend or vacation Prospector, who wants to be able to play like the big companies or as you see people on TV do, without have to spend millions to go play. This unit is also prefect for the big company mining outfits to use to find their next big cut. .. Yes this unit will cost you $45,000.00, plus tax and delivery. but you get a huge 23 foot Sluice Box, with a 4" Dredge, plus a custom designed clean out system. which means more of what ever your trying to find.... will be in the box, which means more money in your bank account. so order yours today.

Gold Dredging Arm

We at M & M Designs also have a way to update a prebuilt gold Dredging boat, with a modified version of our custom outrigger unit (from page 3), so it can reach 50 to 60 feet underwater and with a custom nozzle head. You can turn any normal gold Dredge, into a gold getting, super Dredge. This system will cost you $380,000.00 plus tax and shipping. However if the system take you from getting 5 oz's a day, to 30 + oz's a day (or maybe even per clean out). The system will pay for it self, in one week, maybe two at the most, depending on gold prices.